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Price list

Gynaecological examination800 CZK
Obstetrician examination1100 CZK
Ultrasound examination -gynaecological700 CZK
Ultrasound examination – pregnancy week 9- 19900 CZK
Ultrasound examination – pregnancy week 20-391 500 CZK
Ultrasound examination – foetus sex300 CZK
Acute cases (nights, weekend)3 000 CZK
Examination before abortion1 000 CZK
Consultation 800 CZK
Medical Report300 CZK
Blood sampling (laboratory exam. price not incl.)100 CZK
Vaginal smear (laboratory exam. price not incl.)200 CZK
Injection applying 200 CZK
Period regulation (excl. examination, excl. drugs)300 CZK
Postcoital aid (incl. drugs)500 CZK
Pregnancy test300 CZK
IUD insertion750 CZK
IUD extraction750 CZK
Risselle applying (hormonal device)700 CZK
Photo of ultrasound examination OB or GYN150 CZK
Video, JPEG, etc. of ultrasound exam. OB, GYN500 CZK
Uro- gynaecological examination (incl. gyn exam. and ultrasound)4 500 CZK
Prices of other examination ( labs, etc.) are not included …………….
One day surgery5 000 CZK
Laparoscopy, abdominal and vaginal surgery10 000 CZK
valid since 15 Jun 2018