I have my lifestyle, my plans for future. And I want to make sure that I reach my goals according to the wishes. I do not expect to be ill , I wonder, i have a questions. It is normal.


We provide complex gynaecological diagnostics and therapeutic care in all stages of women’s life, including preventive examinations. Part of care and complex ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics. We are able to advise you in the selection of hormonal therapy (birth control, replacement therapy in menopause or other conditions of the deficit), of course the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous changes in the cervix, gynaecological inflammations and infertility. We do not avoid consultation in the field of aesthetic surgery. Our care when using more than standard surgery programs can continue to gynaecological and surgical departments.

We missed something? Do not hesitate to ask.

For the first time on gynaecology

Clinic provides complete services also to clients who have not had yet experience of visiting gynaecology. Services are provided in the same sub-sections as already mentioned. We are fully aware of the specifics of first visit, we strictly explain the reason and the progress of the investigations. Clients aged from 15 to 18 have the opportunity to take examinations together with his mother, according to current legislation requires the consent of a parent performance / s.

Services in the field of paediatric gynaecology clinic does not provide.