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About us

Clinic provides Gynaecological, Urogynaecological, Obstetric services
MUDr. Jiří Chaloupecký MBA
IČ: 6238 8088
is contractual partner with the health insurance companies: VZP 111, ČNZP 205, OZP 207.
MUDr. Jiří Chaloupecký MBA

Education and Qualifications:

University of Medical Law (Czech medical chamber)2015
Institute of Law and Legal Science Prague, Czech Republic (MBA graduation)2014
The Gynaecology/Obstetrics License – Head of Department (Czech medical chamber)2005, 2015
Diploma Lifelong learning (Czech medical Chamber)2012, 2017
The Gynaecology/Obstetrics License of the Second Degree (MoH CZ)2001
The Gynaecology/Obstetrics License of the First Degree (MoH CZ)1996
1st Medical Faculty at Charles University Prague, Czech Republic 1994
OB/GYN trainings and courses-- ongoing regular basis - ČGPS ČLS JEP, ICS, IUGA1995 - ongoing
Clinical Research trainings and courses – ongoing regular basis - RA (SUKL), MoH Czech Rep., International Company trainings2002 - ongoing


Private Outpatient Department OB & GYN
Tovární 12, 170 00 Praha 7 --- owner, Head of Dep.
2004 - ongoing
Gynaecological and obstetrics Dep. 1. LF UK and Hospital Na Bulovce
Budínova 2 , 180 00 Praha 8 --- Senior physician
1994 - ongoing
MEDA sro
Outpatient Department OB & GYN & Surgery
Budínova 2 , 180 00 Praha 8 --- Senior physician
2018 - ongoing
Poliklinika Anděl sro
Outpatient Department OB & GYN & GP,s & Surgery & LAB
Hvězdova 33 , 140 00 Praha 4 --- Head of Dep.
2015 - 2018
Clinical Team Leader , Clinical Trials manager
International companies – GB , US
2002- 2010
Self employer -- trainings, education, business, management, clinical trials , etc.1992 - ongoing

Research and teaching:

nurses, medical student ( 5/6 th year medical school UK) 2005 - ongoing
Clinical trials - 9 projects – hormonal therapy , therapy of urinal urgency ( OAB) 1995 – ongoing


IČ: 271 98 910

The company since its inception in the 90th years is providing medical services in the fields of gynaecology, obstetrics, urogynaecology, it is mainly focused on providing health care to uninsured patients and services in the extra programs. We communicate in Czech, English, German and Russian, but we are also able to communicate in other languages via translator . Other activities of our company are related to the education and training of medical staff and patients. Also with the implementation and the control of clinical trials, drugs and medical devices.
MEDIC CENTRE, s.r.o. is not a contractual partner with health insurance companies.